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GRAJNY Consulting can tailor specific unbiased services to meet your needs. Typical suggestions are listed below:

Walk-Trough Energy Inspection and Audit

Grajny Consulting will perform a walk-trough audit of home and help to educate the homeowner, identify energy trouble spots, and suggest effective cost savings measures. A brief report will be provided of the site visit detailing our findings.

Walk-Trough Energy Inspection and Audit with Blower Door Testing and Infrared Camera Inspection

Grajny Consulting will perform a walk-trough audit (as above). Additionally, we will perform a blower door testing on the home in conjunction with latest technology, state of the art, Fluke Infrared IR-FusionR Technology Camera. This test consist of installing a large fan in one of the exterior doors that can create a small pressure differential between the inside and outside of the home, as measured by a very fine digital differential pressure meter. This allows for a source of outside air infiltration to be easily identified with the help of an infrared camera.

Fluke Infrared IR-FusionR Technology Camera

Grajny Consulting will deliver a report to the homeowner detailing the audit and blower door results, along with the infrared camera image IR-FusionR Technology picture.

Home Energy Audit with Energy Modeling

Grajny Consulting will perform a Walk-Trough Energy Inspection and Audit with Blower Door Testing and Infrared Camera (as above). Optional Duct Blasting can be used to determine HVAC duct leakage to outside.

The dimensions, equipment and other characteristics of your home will then be incorporated into an energy model using RAM/Rate Program of Architectural Energy Corporation. This program allows Grajny Consulting to meaningfully quantify the savings associated with energy savings measures implemented at your home. This service is typically requested by home owners interested in significant renovations.

A comprehensive report including Improvement Analysis and suggested scope of work will be provided to the homeowner.

Specialized Building Diagnostics

At your request, Grajny Consulting can perform a wide spectrum of Specialized Building Diagnostics, Including:

  • Combustion Appliance Zone/Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Boiler/Furnace Efficiency, Draft Pressure and Temperature Testing
  • Condensation, moisture and Dew Point Temperature detection
  • Relative Humidity Measurement
  • Zone Pressure Diagnostics
  • Recommendation for Repairs and Redesign
  • Follow-up Testing