Grajny Consulting LLC.
69 Hayden Point Loop
Diamond Point, NY 12824
Phone: (518) 221-3240

Equipped with both Engineering and Building Science Backgrounds, Grajny Consulting is a premier resource for obtaining unbiased solutions for energy efficiency, safety & structural integrity of your home.

Grajny Consulting participates in the following programs and initiatives:
  • New Construction NYSERDA/EPA Energy Star program testing and certifications
  • Determining Federal Tax Credit
  • NAHB Green Buildings Verification
  • Energy Conservation Codes Compliance
  • Residential Construction energy performance optimization and improvement analysis
  • Latest technology infrared camera in fusion with digital image specialized inspections
  • Existing construction independent unbiased energy audits, including blower door and duct blasting test.
  • Building Diagnostic Services, including combustion appliance zone/carbon monoxide boiler/furnace efficiency, moisture relative humidity and dew point temperature detection.

Don't be confused by various organizations' certifications offered or sold by trade societies or home study courses. Be aware of organizations offering you free or almost free inspections and trying to sell you some products or services to go with it. Seek unbiased solutions to your needs... Choose from a wide spectrum of specialized services to protect your investment.

Grajny Consulting is proud to be affiliated with the following professional organizations: