Grajny Consulting LLC.
80 Andriana Lane
Albany, NY 12204
Phone: (518) 221-3240

GRAJNY Consulting is pleased to offer the following services related to new construction:

  • Design Assistance with Energy Optimization, Equipment Selection/Sizing and Energy Improvement Cost Analysis
  • Energy Cost Modeling, Using Architectural Energy Corporation REM/Rate nationally approved software
  • Energy Conservation Codes Compliance
  • Air Sealing and Thermal Bypass Field Inspection before drywall installation
  • Final Testing, including:
    • Blower Door to determine Home Air Infiltration
    • Duct Blasting to determine ducting leakage to outside
    • Combustion Appliance Zone/CO Test
    • Furnace/Boiler Efficiency Testing and Measurement
    • Zone Pressure Diagnostics
  • Final Reports - see sample
  • NYSERDA/EPA Energy Star Certification
  • IRS EPAC - Tax Credit Compliance Certification
  • NAHB Green Building "Verification. Grajny Consulting is proud to be certified by NAHB as a Green Building "Verifier". If you concern about building environmentally responsible buildings and about sustainable design, contact this office for assistance with Green Building Certification. How Green is your Home? Find out with NAHB Green Building Scoring Tool
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